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Dental A to Z

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Accidents that involve injury to the teeth affect all ages groups. However, children are more vulnerable (just over one third of all five year olds will have suffered an injury to their first [primary] teeth.) By 12 years of age, 20-30% of children will have suffered injuries to their teeth.

Immediate action in the event of some injuries, such as a knocked out tooth, gives a much better chance of a good recovery

Injuries to the teeth can include the fracture of a portion of the crown, of the tooth, or the root. The fracture can go through enamel only; through into the sensitive yellow tissue under the enamel [dentine] or into the pulp (nerve and blood vessels) in the middle of the tooth.

Injuries can also affect the tissues that hold the tooth in place (periodontal ligament), or the tooth can be loosened or knocked out of its socket completely.