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Are you happy with the colour of your teeth?

Tooth colour is considered by many to be one of the most important aspects of satisfaction with your smile.

Teeth can appear darker for a variety of reasons both internal (medications) and external (foodstuffs) to the tooth structure.

Dentists have been successfully whitening teeth using peroxide releasing gels for many years. Studies show that it is a low risk procedure when performed in a controlled manner (limiting the % of peroxide used and avoiding harmful acidic components to the gels often found in online products) under the supervision of a dentist.


The General Dental Councils position on tooth whitening can be found at



Before any whitening treatment is undertaken, it is essential you undergo a thorough assessment by your dentist to gauge your suitability. After this examination you will be given details of appropriate treatment options including their length, cost, outcomes and any likely risks or side effects.


Here at the Village Dental Practice, we select the most appropriate option from a variety of bleaching gels, which are held in contact with the teeth in close fitting, custom made trays.

The length of time it takes to achieve the desired reduction in tooth shade varies from person to person and depends on many factors. The average treatment time is between 2-6 weeks.



Non-registered patients

For those patients who are not already registered with us on one of our monthly plans, there is a £50 fee for your initial assessment.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, the whitening itself costs £320. This includes the custom made trays and enough gel for the prescribed duration of your first course of treatment. Topping up your whitening in the future would require a further assessment and the prescription of additional bleaching gel (at additional cost), although the original trays can be re used.

 £100 Saving for registered patients.

For those patients already registered with the practice on one of our monthly plans, there is no fee for your whitening assessment.

The whitening treatment itself costs £270.


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If you are at all interested in whether tooth whitening may be for you, please call us on 01792 814734 where a member of our team will be happy to discuss things with you.